Aftershock: Shaking human nature

Nature disasters are scary. They take lives and leave behind tragic ruins. The aftermath of disasters always show people banding together to pull through and rebuild. What we don’t see is all the terrible things that happen during the struggle to stay alive.

Aftershock portrays the brutal side to Mother Nature and human nature. 

Set in Chile, three guys spend their days taking in the beautiful scenes and culture while spending their nights at clubs looking to get laid. 

During one night of drinking and having careless fun, the guys get together with three other ladies. Their night takes a frightening turn when an earthquake hits, destroying the city and releasing criminals from a nearby prison. 

The six stick together throughout the night to find safe haven from the aftershocks and from dangerous people.

A lot of things happen to the group throughout the rest of their night that shifts into gory, shocking and savagely violent encounters. 

I know for some people it’s hard to believe that such inhumane things could happen during a frantic time but it does happen. People panic and they lose sight over right and wrong and some people will do whatever it takes to survive. 

Aftershock isn’t about a bunch douches getting what they deserve. It captures crumbling humanity during a time of crisis and harsh lesson about society. 

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