Friday Film Recommendations: July 26th

Happy Friday film loving fiends! 

Are you looking for some new movies to add to your Netflix queue? Well don’t fret my pet, I have some great recommendations for you! 
The Bay

A found-footage set film documents a seaside town’s tragic moments when the locals are infested with an unknown parasite found in the drinking water. 

The Bay made my skin crawl and stomach sick. Parasitic type horror movies always give me the jeebies especially because they are so realistic. I’m always afraid that things like this could actually happen!

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Miami Connection

A kung-fu rock band battles motorcycling ninjas over Florida turf. There’s singing and ninja kicks to the head. Do you need more in a movie? 

I’ve heard of people referencing Miami Connection so many times yet I’ve always overlooked watching it. A friend decided to expose me to this brilliant piece of awesome and I’m glad I can finally say I’ve seen this. It was a round-kick spin to my heart. 

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Expendables 2

Wicked old action stars blow shit up. 

Yeah there is more of a story to this explosive sequel, but really, it’s old guys blowing shit up. 

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Come Out and Play 

A couple travels to a remote island in Mexico for a relaxing vacation. They find that the island is overruled by children who killed all the adults. The couple are adults. Dun dun dunnnn. 

This movie is a remake of an older film known as Who Can Kill a Child? I saw it many years ago and thought it was really great and gritty. I decided to check out this modern version of the film and I thought it was surprisingly good. From what I remember of the original, this remake stuck to a lot of the format yet added more bits or gore (something I can always appreciated) So I feel like this is something worth checking out though I do strongly recommend Who Can Kill a Child? 

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Bride of Chucky

Before Charles Lee Ray was shot down and killed, he left behind a loving and devoted girlfriend, Tiffany. She never got over losing him so when she found out his soul was in some doll, she decided to dabble in voodoo and bring him back. Awww. 

Can I just take a minute and say how excited I am for the new Chucky movie. First of all, I’m super glad it’s not a remake and secondly, he’s back to his original Good Guy doll look. Chucky is one of my favorite horror villains and Bride of Chucky brought out Chucky’s softer, gentler side. Ok, not really but it was still nice to see him with a feisty female counterpart.  

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Happy watching folks 

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