The Conjuring Review


When I was younger my parents had our house blessed after my grandmother died in it. At the time I thought it was just a Catholic thing but years later my mother confessed that she saw my grandmother in the house a few times after her death. Her spirit wasn’t threatening or evil in any way but my mom was so freaked out that she called in a priest. After the blessing my mom never saw her again.

I believe ghosts are real.

The Conjuring reveals a based on true story retelling of a family’s traumatic experience living in haunted farmhouse.

Set in the 70’s, paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren have been well-known for taking on supernatural cases. They assisted in exorcisms, hauntings and other unexplainable events. In some cases they find that certain situations can be easily explained but then there are other times when the couple faced challenging evil presences.

The Warrens are approached to investigate a family home which is presumed to be haunted. The Perrons, the family living in the home, have been terrorized by an evil force since the first day they moved in. The Warrens visit the home and they sense that a lot of terrible things have happened in the house years ago. The demonic presence shadowing the family is strong and is seemingly too much for the Warrens to handle.

The Warrens feel like they are the Perrons only hope so they set out to help them cast out the evil spirits before it destroys them.

Director James Wan is no amateur when it comes to delivering scares on the screen. Wan has a great ability at giving the audience a chilling experience all while telling an effective story.

One thing I enjoyed about The Conjuring is that it takes on the perspective of the Warrens more so than the Perron family. Most haunted house films focus the attention on the family being haunted instead of peeking into the lives of the people who are involved in battling evil.

I can’t say that The Conjuring is scarier than The Exorcist but it does have the core essentials of becoming a classic horror film.

The Conjuring is out in theaters today. Don’t see this alone!

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