Film Wise $ 646

Happy Monday all!

Time to test out your faceless film knowledge with this week’s Film Wise quiz.

First off, check out the answers to last week’s quiz HERE

And now on to this week’s quiz HERE

Ok folks, post your scores, tips and hints. 

3 thoughts on “Film Wise $ 646

  1. +JMJ+

    Wow! I actually got 6/8 on my own! =D

    #1 — A romance based on a grave misunderstanding. 😉

    #2 — A biopic about a European who went to the Middle East.

    #4 — ALIENS!!!

    #6 — He didn't kill his wife. Really.

    #7 — They don't sing about whistling a happy tune and getting to know each other, but it's the same basic story.

    #8 — Pictured are a bounty hunter with diabetes and his sister.

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