World War Z: Is it the beginning of the end?

One of my fears in life is that the zombie apocalypse will someday happen. I know it’s not realistic to believe that it ever will, but I grew up watching a lot zombie films so I have reason to believe that it could happen. 

The one thing that scares me the most about zombies taking over the world is that the human race will be completely destroyed. Fighting will only go so far but eventually, the zombies will win. World War Z gave me hope that we can prevail.

Ex United Nations investigator, Gerry Lane is taking in a normal life after all the things he has endured during the course of his career. He gave up his job to spend more time with his family and he wants to put his gritty past behind him.

Within 15 minutes of the film, Gerry’s life of normalcy quickly dissolved when the streets are flooded by panicking people and vicious attackers. Gerry watches as people bite other people then the bitten person transforms into a crazed animal. The U.N. contacts Gerry to get him on board to figure out what is this unknown virus which is causing the general public to turn into flesh eating zombies.

Gerry leaves his family behind in order to track down the origin of this world-wide epidemic. His journey takes him across the remains of the world while he witnesses the beginning of what seems to be the end of humanity. Gerry travels on an endless search to find a cure for this disease so he can save the world and his family.

There are things that I was worried about going into this film. First off, it’s on everyone’s mind- the piling up of zombies. I too believed that this looked kind of unappealing to a typical zombie fan. Also, the PG-13 rating of the film passed disappointing hopes of getting a face full of gore and ridiculous amounts zombie shredding violence. I can say that neither of these things bothered me when the film ended. The zombie pileups worked into context to the scenes they were in. I knew it was done to create an overwhelming feel of despair but more than that it elevated the zombies’ urge to attack humans which in a way, made it terrifying. Also, though the film wasn’t painted in blood, it still worked as a great story pieced together with tension and strong acting.

World War Z may not have followed Max Brooks’ book loyally, it may not have slow moving zombies or a lot of bloodshed but I was not disappointed with the result of this film. 

World War Z is out in theaters today and I cannot recommend it enough to my fellow horror fans. I walked out of the theater thinking, “the summer blockbusters have officially begun!” 

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