Friday Film Recommendations: May 24th

Happy Friday film lovers!

Are you looking for some new movies to check out this long weekend? Well don’t fret my pet, I have a list of the latest streaming movies and tv shows. Enjoy! 

House at the End of the Street

After moving into a new home, a girl and her mom learn that their neighbor has suffered a murderous tragedy a few years ago. The mother wants her daughter to stay away from the guy living there so of course she doesn’t. The chick learns that the guy is hiding a big secret. 

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Child’s Play 2

Chucky continues his determination to go after Andy and steal his body. Andy is living in a foster home where no one believes his stupid killer doll story. Sucks to be them when they get into Chucky’s way. Dun dun dunnn. 

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Arrested Development

Who is ready for the new season of Arrested Development next week?! I know I am! Catch up on the seasons past and fall in love with the crazy Bluth family.  

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A nurse is cursed after setting foot in a house with vengeful spirits. 

The remake is ok but this original is more creepier and a lot darker. 

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Drop Dead Fred

A woman on the verge of divorce, losing her job and her mind unleashes her childhood imagery friend. 

I never had an imagery friend when I was a child, but after seeing this movie, I always wanted one. Fred trips my balls. 

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Have a great weekend folks 

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