Friday Film Recommendations: May 10th

Happy Friday everyone! 

If you’re looking for some new movies to add to your Netflix instant watching queue, I have some suggestions for you!

Here’s the latest streaming movies! 

John Dies at the End

A drug known as The Soy Sauce gives people the power travel through dimensions and time. A big side effect the drug has is that it transforms some people to evil being. 

It’s up to two slacker to save man-kind from unknown terrors of the universe.  

I never read the book but I love this movie. It’s funny, there’s monsters, penis, a great cast plus it’s made by Don Coscarelli. Full of Win.

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Cabin in the Woods

Five friends take a vacation to a remote cabin in the woods. The typical formula of the average horror film falls into place when they are being stalked by killer zombie monster thingies. It seems like the same old story but as things progress with the characters, it’s revealed that they may be a part of something much bigger. 

This movie was my favorite of 2012 so I can’t recommend this enough to anyone who has not seen it yet. 

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Jack and Diane

Jack is a thick-skinned tomboy who meet Diane a carefree, adorable chick. The two spend a night making out and decided that they are made for each other. The only problem is, Diane is in town for a short time so the two make the best of their time together. 

There are rumors going on that this is a lesbian werewolf movie but it’s not true. Well, it’s only half true so don’t expect any kind of wolves in this at all. I was a little disappointed with this film because I completely expected a love story monster movie but only got a “I’m saying I love you because I don’t really know what love is so I think that’s what this is so… I love you” with a butt load of bloody, monstrous metaphors. 

I “got” what the film was trying to accomplish but I still felt so misguided.  

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Into the Wild

After graduating college, Christopher McCandless gives up all of his money and stuff to live in the wilderness in Alaska.  He  wanted to learn more about life and himself. This true story movie is really touching and thought-provoking. 

As much as I’d love to think how great it would be to live freely of the world and have no cares, I also love using toilets, sleeping in a bed and not worrying about maybe dying. 

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Disturbing Behavior 

The new kid in town stumbles upon a plan to turn all the unruly teens to upstanding citizens. 

I love “invasion” type movies and though this one isn’t the best one ever,  I love its take on teen mind control. 

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Have a great weekend folks! 

One thought on “Friday Film Recommendations: May 10th

  1. To Nicki.
    There is a debut horror novel out and on the front cover of the book it says: THE MOST FRIGHTENING HORROR NOVEL EVER WRITTEN. The book is called:
    And it is available on hardback book from: AMAZON, WATERSTONES ETC.. and also on AMAZON KINDLE E-BOOK. Can you get hold of a copy and do a review of it on your blog to say if you think it is the most frightening horror novel ever written?

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