Adventures of a Geeky Fan Girl: My C2E2 Three Day Diary Coverage

As the 2013 convention season kicks off, I team up with WolfGnards again to dive balls deep into comics, tees, toys and other various forms of geekery.

So here is my journey through C2E2 weekend


Wolf Gnards and I started the day ready to take on the world…of the convention center. We started off walking to the entrance only to find that the set up this year is in another room and super mega huge. I was disoriented by all the awesomeness surrounding me so it was a lot to take in. Here are my walk around pictures.

I’m celebrating my first purchase at C2E2

I love feeling tall 

I took a break to meet one of the greatest fan girl of all time. Felicia Day.
I bought a beautiful Dr. Horrible piece from Etsy and couldn’t wait for her to sign. When she saw it, she was so thrilled she couldn’t stop taking pics of it. I was so thrilled that I got it signed by her and got to meet her. The rumors are true; she is a very sweet and pleasant gal.

After the glow of meeting Felicia I moved on to meet one of my favorite people, Ron Perlman! I’ve meet Ron before at a Fangoria convention a few years ago but the line was rushed so I wasn’t able to get a picture. Well I was not going to walk away from C2E2 without a picture with Ron this time. I was rocking out my Shark vs. Zombie shirt and tousling my adorable hair. Me and Ron were gonna happen!

Meeting Ron again in a different environment was more easy-going and he was easy-going. He was very gentlemanly and his handshake was dainty. I was expecting him to be all “RAWR!” while shaking my hand but he was gentle. And then after that, I got my picture with him!

One of the negative sides to conventions are photo ops. I love the idea that a photo op is there for people who want a fancy photo with a celeb but it’s not always an option, it’s a “if you want to take any kind of a picture with a certain celeb, you HAVE to get a photo op.” In the picture below my friend wanted an autograph with Natalie Dormer. They said he couldn’t take a picture with her; he had to pay for a photo op. When I tried to snap a distance picture from very afar, without them even posing, the hand of a staff person tried to block my shot!  

Felicia and Ron both had photo ops and they were completely cool about letting fans take pictures with them at their booth when they got autographs. In my early con years, this was the way it used to be. It saddens me that fans today have to drop more coin on photo ops just to get a picture with someone they adore. 

I’m certain I heard him say “HONK” when he randomly grabbed me 
When I was a little girl all my friends wanted Easy Bake ovens and Sun Tan Barbies but I wanted something different. The one thing my youth was missing was a Garbage Pail Kids card with my name (Nicki not Nikki) along with an awesomely gross picture. It was hard enough to find a key chain in a gift shop with my name on it but a Garbage Pail Kids card with my name was damn near never gonna happen.

While walking through The Artist Alley I came across some blokes who did art work for Garbage Pail Kids. When I saw blank cards on the table with the welcoming idea of having my childhood wish fulfilled, my heart whimpered.

I told the guys about my name dilemma and about my heartbreaking search. One guy offered to take the template of a male card and make it female then use the correct spelling of my name, but I couldn’t resist the offer of having something different and original done. So Nicki is my name. I wanted a card that represented something that rhymed with my name. Hickey Nikki, Picky Nikki and Sticky Nikki were all taken. I said I wanted something “really gross and super dirty” and there’s an object that rhymes with my name…and is really gross (depending on how you feel about it) and super dirty.

When I was 8 years-old rummaging through packs of Garbage Pail Kids card, I would probably start crying and needs lots of therapy if I got the card that was made for me. As an adult (by age) I was happy and giddy with the card that was made for me. I would like to state that I did not ask for anything in particular other than “gross and dirty” so the card hidden in the link below was not directly my idea but I’m not ashamed to say that I utterly loved it and will forever take pride in it.
Ya’ll, I got a custom-made Garbage Pail Kid card… with my name spelled right on it! I want to time travel to visit my younger self who is going through endless cards pack with lost hope and say “Don’t worry baby girl, you’ll have a card just for you one day,” then smile and poof away.

One of the best things about have geeky friends is that they can cover inside information you may not know about. I’m grateful to a friend for finding out that Patricia Tallman (Night of the Living Dead remake, Army of Darkness, Dear Air) would be at C2E2. Patricia wasn’t there for any official reason, she just wanted to hang out and support her comic book friend. I geeked in my pants at the chance to meet her again. 

I think I’ve seen the Night of the Living Dead remake more times than the original. I love that Barbara’s character was ballsy, strong and was not afraid to kick some ass. Patricia was amazing as Barbara so I always idolized her.

Another awesome purchase 

 I’m a major Doctor Who fan so an inflatable Tardis and a model Dalek rocked my world

I ended Friday evening tired, achy and super happy!


There are no words to describe how I started my Saturday morning, so I’m going to post a video of it. When I got off the escalator near the entrance of the show room, I thought I was going get a face full of a lot of amazing, great costumes but no, this was the first thing I saw. Enjoy!

After that delightful dance break, I began my Saturday journey taking more pics, going to panels and waiting in line. 

I’ve seen one episode of Toy Hunter at the New Orleans airport and I thought it was a cool show. It also helped that there was a Creature from the Black Lagoon toy in the episode that I watched.

When I met Jordan I shared with him my love for all things Creature (even showed him my Creature tat) and he told me to go to his booth later and check out the Creature toys over there. 

I ended up getting this spiffy Creature toy.

Shortly after meeting the Toy Hunter, I waited in line to meet Patton Oswalt!

Patton was only signing for an hour so I got in line super early for a chance to meet him and have him sign…my Wrong Turn 2 dvd cover. Ok, Patton’s FREE signing was a last minute add-on and when I looked to see if I had anything on hand for him to sign, Wrong Turn 2 was the one and only thing. If you’ve seen WT2 and you’re thinking to yourself, “Where was he in that? I didn’t see him!” That’s because he wasn’t in-IN the movie. He was …a voice. Despite that, I was going for it. I was going to hold my head up and high and have him sign it… and he did!

And a super big Thanks to Wolfie Gnards and Busy Beaver Button Co. for having my back and taking some panel shots 

After meeting Patton, I went to Ron Perlman’s Q&A

Ron talked a lot about working with Guillermo Del Toro and about Sons of Anarchy (I still haven’t seen it yet.) Ron is hilarious and it was fun to watch him painfully try to answer nerdy questions like “Who would win in a fight Hell Boy or *insert any of his other characters here*” or more perplexing “what if *insert complex situation* happened to one of your voice over character, what would you do?!” One of the most shocking things I’ve learned about Ron is that he said he was pushing 70! What? What? I think he’s stunning at his age and DAMN I hope I’m that sexy as hell at 70. Just saying.

Then more walking around happened.

Threadless Fridge! 

So here’s a tip for any comic vendors or any vendors alike: if you comment on my very awesome Sweep The Leg shirt then bring up the Sweep the Leg  music video, I’m going to buy whatever you’re selling. I’m sure I probably would have gotten the comic anyway regardless of my apparel but still Sweep the Leg love FTW!

My Saturday evening ended with me ever so achier and more so happy.

The thing I enjoy most about Sundays at cons is that everything is so laid back. The only thing on my agenda was to meet R.L. Stine then walk around for one more final time.

R.L Stine

Aub from Dark Horse showing off his buttons 

Nathan Fillion can get me to read anything. Am I right?!?!

I’m glad Planet Quirk came to C2E2. They are one of the best people I’ve dealt with throughout my blogging years. 

Seeing a little kid dressed up like Chucky made my whole weekend…maybe even my whole life 

I didn’t pick up a lot of books this time around but Comics Recs will be back on the blog very soon! 

Again C2E2 has provided me with another “BEST WEEKEND EVER!” The downsides of forced photo ops, drunken stroller moms and too many Deadpool costumes didn’t take away from the fact that I love going to C2E2. Spending a weekend in a place with people who accept and share your love for unordinary things is the best experience this geeky fan girl could ever want. 

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