Friday Film Recommendations: April 26th

Happy Friday folks! 

If you find yourself endlessly going through Netflix looking for something to watch, I have some suggestions for you! Yes, let me take the stress out of your streaming struggles and check out what’s available now! 

Pet Semetary 2

In this sequel, a father and son move in to old pet semetary house. The son, Jeff, learns all about the powers of the cemetery and decides that he wants his dead mom back. Again, this idea is great in theory yet it never really does work out.

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Don’t Be Afraid of the Dark

A little girl moves in with her father and his new girlfriend in their new home. While trying to adjust the girl learns that there are creatures trying to have at her. 

This is a spiffy little creature feature but I was a little disappointed that there was nothing scary about it. I wanted to be afraid of the dark dammit! It’s still worth checking out though. 

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Darren Aronofsky’s exploration into the mind of a mathematician’s numerical obsession. 

It’s been a very long time since I’ve seen this haunting film but I remember it being quite the mind-effer. 

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Much like the wonder X-Files, a FBI agent is a part of a special unit that unfolds paranormal mysteries. 

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This Must Be The Place

A retired rock star living in Dublin returns to the US to track down the ex-Nazi who made his father suffer during WWII. 

I’m just going to say that Sean Penn is great in this but his voice is terrible. He sounds like Peter Brady going through puberty but if you can get passed that this quirky and sweet little film. 

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Have a great weekend folks

2 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: April 26th

  1. Found your blog via Bloody Disgusting’s Horror Blog Awards. – Congrats! So far they have been right on the money. I’m really enjoying your blog so far and will definitely be visiting more. –good work and thanks for sharing your horror love!

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