Lords of Salem Review

I had no intention in the world on seeing Lords of Salem. I love Rob Zombie’s music and his love for horror but when it comes to making horror movies… ehhh.

Out of all of Zombie’s films the only one I really enjoyed was The Devil’s Rejects. When I watched the trailer for Lords of Salem I felt like it was on par with House of 1000 Corpses. Well, I hated House of 1000 Corpses. There I said it. Watching that movie was like getting punched in the crotch with a chainsaw. I tried to like the movie, I really did but I just couldn’t fake it. 

So Lords of Salem. I wrote it off completely but when friends encourage you to go to the movies with them, what’s a girl to do? I am all for giving any horror movie a fair chance despite any preconceptions so I was going to suck it up and give this movie a shot.

So, did I end up hating Lords of Salem? Surprisingly, no. Did Rob Zombie win my heart back? Sadly, no. 

In modern day Salem, Heidi, a popular DJ, receives a mysterious record from a band called The Lords. When she listens to record it has a strange effect on her that she can’t understand or shake off. The record is played on her show and all the women of Salem become bewitched by the powerful and enchanting music. 

Heidi slowly starts to lose her grip on reality while dark, demonic forces are targeting her. Heidi doesn’t know what’s in store for her but between her surreal hallucinations and deteriorating mind she doesn’t have control over what may be her destiny. 

I was completely into the movie, thinking to myself, “Man, I want to see where this is going…” then boom in my face the movie got weird. I can handle some weird stuff, just ask my last boyfriend but when a midget…penguin thingy comes on screen and suddenly the movie switches to a music video segment, it’s hard stay on track with enjoying the movie. 

My struggling issue with Zombie’s film are that it seems like he makes them for him and him alone. The audience can love it or hate it and that’s that about that. I can understand not wanting to comprise your artist integrity but I would love for Zombie to throw me a bone and find a balance.  I want to like his movies but he doesn’t always make that easy. 

Lords of Salem had a great feel of other classic horror films like Rosemary’s Baby and The Shinning, I just wished the movie flowed in the realm of that instead of going off course. 

I’m not sure if I’ll ever be completely on board with another Rob Zombie project well unless he wants to pick up on Tyrannosaurs Rex. Until then I may have to opt out of the next invite out to see the latest Rob Zombie movie. 

Lords of Salem is playing at selected theaters. I know a lot of people either liked this movie or loathed it so I can’t discourage anyone from seeing this. If you’re a Zombie fan you should definitely see it and decide for yourself if it’s art or a messy painting trying to be art. 

4 thoughts on “Lords of Salem Review

  1. It's got a great moody atmosphere and I think Zombie is a great director but I don't always like his writing. I'm curious to see what other people think when they see this. Some people in my audience walked out and another couple told me they were disappointed.

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