Friday Film Recommendations: April 12th

Happy Freakin’ Friday folks! 

Spending too much time cruising Netflix to find something awesome to watch? Well let me make your search a little easy by recommending what’s currently streaming. Get your queue on!

Robot Chicken

Stop motion animated comedy gold created by Seth Green and Matt Senreich.

These 15 minute episodes are my go to cure when I need a quick laugh. A lot of episodes are centered around pop culture icons and shows that hit home with viewers. 

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A kid with the ability to communicate with the dead must save his town from an army of zombies.

This was one of my favorite movies of last year. Within the first 5 minutes of this I instantly fell in love. Don’t let the cartoony look fool you, this is definitely an enjoyable flick for hardcore horror fans.  

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Pet Semetary

A family moves to a small country town looking for the peaceful life. They discover that they live near a pet cemetery that is rumored to bring back the dead buried there. When the family is struck by a tragic death, the father decides that he should give the ol’ cemetery a try. Best idea ever. 

And now here is where I share my uber excitement about meeting the cast in a con in August. Hell yeah! 

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Eye for an Eye

A mother takes justice in her own hands when her daughter’s killer is freed on a technicality. 

I think this a spiffy little thriller and as always Kiefer Sutherland plays kick ass villain. 

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The Hunger Games

Alright everyone, let’s put aside the Battle Royale/Lord of the Files comparisons for a minute right quick. 

Set in the future, two kids from each district are randomly chosen to fight for their lives in a televised event. 

Yes, this is a lot like BR. When I saw this I put my biases on the shelf and gave this a fair shot. I do personally feel like Battle Royale is better because this girl loves gore all up in the face yo! I love that BR is more rustic and gritty while The Hunger Game players get random advantages by sponsors and other such perks. With all of that said, The Hunger Games is a good movie. It wasn’t as great as your mom think it is but it’s good and worth checking out. 

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Have a great weekend folks! 

4 thoughts on “Friday Film Recommendations: April 12th

  1. Denise Crosby and Mary Lambert will be at the con I'm going to in a little over a week! And they're doing a special Pet Sematary panel – can't wait!

    I've actually been very excited to see Paranorman because it looks so cute. Thanks for letting me know it was on netflix now!

    Eye for an Eye – only Kiefer could be so disgusting and so awesome at the same time!

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