Friday Film Recommendations: April 12th

Happy Friday folks! 

Looking for some new movies to add to your Netflix queue? Well don’t fret my pet, here’s a list of what’s now streaming! 

Evil Dead

With the new Evil Dead movie now in theater, I strongly suggest re-visiting the campy original. 

Do it. 

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Scream 4

First off I just need to note that I absolutely refuse to refer to this as Scre4m. 

Ok moving on, the story of the Woodsboro survivors continues when Sydney returns to town to promote her book about survival. Her arrival brings upon more murders and a new ghost face killer…or killers?!?! Dun dun dunnnnn!!!! 

Sydney teams up with big shot Dewey and washed up Gail Weathers to track down the killer. 

I know there’s a lot of love/hate towards this movie but you know what chicken butt, I really enjoyed it! 

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The Dentist

A fancy Hollywood dentist suspects that his wife is cheating on him with the pool boy (lol). He takes his pent up anger and frustrations on his patients which turns out to be a bloody mess! 

Let me drop some advice on you guys. This movie is super silly and over the top but I do not recommend watching this the night before you’re about to have any dental work done. I made that mistake and though I lived to tell about it, it did not help my nerves at all. 

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This documentary explores the effect bullying has on some kids. 

This is a well done doc but it was also really sad to watch. And it made me want to punch bullies in the balls. 

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Dexter’s Lab

Dexter is a nerdy science geek who is always looking to do new experiments. Whenever Dexter is near completion, his stupid sister Dee Dee is always there to screw things up for him.

Side note, I love that Dexter has an accent and he’s totally not even foreign. Oh and Dee Dee sucks. 

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Have a great weekend folks! 

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