Crush (2013) Review

Scott is the typical high school jock who has it all. He’s hot, muscular, and popular; also to round off the package, he’s a nice guy. Scott’s main focus in his life is to score an athletic scholarship so he wants focus his time and energy on working out. No time for love for this stud muffin. 

When a new girl Bess comes to town, things in Scott’s life take a twisted turn. People who are close to him end up hurt or dead and all signs point to Bess who can’t hide her attraction for Scott.

Scott tells Bess to back off and he’s weary that she can be dangerous yet he still has a sense that someone is still after him.

Could Bess be a tenacious tart willing to do anything to make Scott love her or could the stalker be someone else?  

The first 5 minutes had me locked into seeing the progression of the story but it fell flat. Crush did not offer much more than the average teen stalker movie. It’s hard to add originality to a story that been done before. Crush does offer some decent acting and I absolutely love Leigh Whannell’s performance as the dorky David. 

If you want to check out Crush, it’s now available to buy or rent. 

Spoiler-ish alert

Sometimes I think it’s good that I’m an absent-minded person. I waited till after I watched the movie to grab the cover of the Blu-ray and give it a close look. I was completely baffled to see the revelation of the psycho behind Scott’s terror plastered on the cover. I went into this movie knowing that the girl who was likely the stalker would probably not be. The synopsis pushed the possibility that the most obvious choice person would not be the right person. I don’t think it gives anyone a fair chance to watch this and play the guessing game when the answer is on the box. So fair warning, if you want to check this out and you want to attempt to be surprised, don’t look at the cover!

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