Mama Review

Originated as a short film, director Andrés Muschietti brings the creepy story of Mama into a full-length film.

The film begins with Jeffery, a distraught man who goes on a killing spree due to his financial troubles. He takes his two daughters, three year-old Victoria and one year-old Lily, on a road trip so he can gather his thoughts. His careless driving down a snowy road leads to him crashing his car into the woods. He finds an abandoned cabin to take the girls to for shelter. 

Jeffrey decides to kill his daughters then take his own life but an unknown presence in the cabin kills him before he could hurt the girls. From then on, the presence, later known as “Mama” cares for the girls while they are alone in the woods.

Five years later, Jeffery’s twin brother Lucas continues an effortless search to find the girls. When they are found alive but with animal-like behavior, they are taken into psychiatric care.  Lucas is willing to take in the girls as his own but his rocker girlfriend Annabel is not maternal to the idea of raising two girls. 

When the girls see that Lucas looks exactly like their father they warm up to him. Victoria wants to accept her uncle’s affection and her aunt’s attempts to be motherly but Lily can’t let go of Mama’s need for attention. Mama becomes jealous of Lucas and Annabel’s nurturing nature. 

Annabel becomes more aware of Mama’s presence and she discovered the true story behind her past. 

Annabel realizes that she has to stop Mama before she takes the girls away from her and Lucas before she does something deadly. 

The short film of Mama gave me the creeps so I knew the full-length film would have the same effect on me. I felt tense and spooked through the whole film up until the end. I felt like the ending fell flat on delivering a well-rounded story.  

Even though I didn’t care for the ending (some people do, so to each their own) I did enjoy it for being a supernatural tale about motherly love. The core story is beautiful and touching. 

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