Storage 24 Review

Dealing with a break up is rough. Your mind is racing while you process millions of feelings and thoughts. If that’s not bad enough, trying going through all that while you’re stuck in a storage building with a killer alien and your ex.

Charlie is having a hard time dealing with his recent break up with longtime girlfriend Shelley. He enlists the help of his friend Mark to go to a storage building to get the things he shared with Shelley. On the way to the building Charlie and Mark are stuck in traffic due to an unexplained plane crash. The crash has parts London in lock down and under quarantine but the two are more focused on the task they have ahead of them. 

When Charlie and Mark finally arrive to the storage building, Charlie sees that Shelley and her friends are there sorting through his things. Charlie pleads with Shelley for answers on where things went so wrong with them, but she makes it clear that she wants nothing to do with him. Charlie and Mark try to leave the building but find that the power outage has them stuck in there. 

The crashed plane carried a deadly, vicious alien which conveniently ended up in the storage building. The creature first kills the storage attendant leaving him in pieces. The creature begins to stealthy stalk the group while they struggle to deal with their personal issues and their need to survive. 

Though Storage 24 doesn’t offer more than a simple plot, it does add strong acting, tension and a gruesome monster. 

Storage 24 is an enjoyable, thrilling little creature feature worth checking out. 


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