Friday Film Recommendations: March 29th

Happy Friday folks!

Are you looking for some movies to watch this Easter weekend? Well don’t fret my pet, check out the latest streaming options on Netflix.


A day in the life of a big time Wall Street guy who endures paranoia during the times of an economical down fall.

This is the latest film from the great David Cronenberg and I won’t lie, this film bored me to tears. The whole time I sat there saying to myself, “When are we getting to the fireworks factory?” and we never did. I know a lot of people who really enjoyed this film. I think one will either really dig it or get uber bored like I did. Check it out and decide for yo ‘self.

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Safety Not Guaranteed

Journalist are sent to track down a man who put out an ad about time travel. One girl from the team gains the man’s trust and she begins to train to be his companion.

This was one of my favorite films of last year. I really love different type of time travel movies that hit an emotional level that audience can relate to.

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A National Geographic’s film crew travel by boat to document an Amazon tribe. The crew are overtaken by a crazed snake hunter who takes them along his hunt for an anaconda. Dun dun dunnnn….

*insert penis joke here*

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Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back

Jay and Silent Bob go to Hollywood to stop the making of a film that’s about them.

Jay and Silent Bob have my favorite bromantic relationship. I love all the shenanigans these boys get themselves into.

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The Fourth Kind

A psychiatrist starts videotaping sessions with clients who believe they have been abducted by aliens.  

Again, I’m not going to lie, I found this movie to be straight up terrible. First off, I hate how movies try to approach a “based on true events” take on something when you know none of it is true. I’m not saying aliens aren’t real and won’t totally invade your butt but this movie is so over the top it takes away from trying to scare people or come off as any kind of believable.  

I’m recommending this for anyone who is curious to see it because I know there are some of you out there.

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Have a great weekend folks 

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