Friday Film Recommendations: March 8th

Happy Friday Folks!

If you’re looking for some new and spiffy movies to add to your Netflix queue check out some of my suggestions! 

This film is based on a series of true incidents where a prank caller convinces a fast food manager to interrogate a teenage worker.

It’s hard to watch this and not yell at the screen or wonder how people can be so stupid. Guess what? people have been this stupid! The things that happen in this film happened to different people but what they went through was complied into this one story line. 

My Review

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The Imposter

A missing 13-year Texan boy is found in Spain three years later. He has an accent and looks very different but his family is convinced it is him. An investigator looks into the case and reveals the truth.

This fascinating documentary about how easy it for someone to steal your life. 

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Pretty in Pink

Andie, a poor high school girl focusing on her future gets wrapped up in the world of riches when a popular guy takes an interest in her. He shows her his world of partying and fancy cars but all she wants to do is go clubbing and listen to records. They relationship seems doomed when they can fit each other in their worlds. 

Oh I love how John Hughes I knows how relate to teenagers especially girls. 

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[Rec] 3: Genesis 

The Rec stories continues taking place at a wedding reception. 

This third installment of the series easily became my favorite of the whole and one of my favorite movies of last year. 

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Big Fish

A man learns about his dying father’s life through wild tales and fantasies. 

This is a beautiful heartwarming film and I wish Tim Burton made more films like this one. 

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Have a great weekend folks! 

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