Yo! Bitch Crazy!: The Crush

Teenage girl crushes come as easily as guys’ boners. When a young girl sees a cute guy, she can see herself spending the rest of her life with him. She writes her name and his name together, pictures what the wedding what be like or how their kids would look. Normally it doesn’t take long for reality to kick in when the girl sees the guy’s flaws and she says to herself “Eh, what did I ever see in that loser!” then moves on. But for some girls, they take their infatuation too far. 

Nick Elliot is a writer who was hired to work for a fancy magazine. He moves to a new city for the job and hopes to make a fresh start and advance in his career. While searching for a place to live he comes across a guest house in a nice neighborhood. The owners of the house, The Forresters’, seem nice but their 14-year old daughter Adrian is standoffish to him.  

While Nick settles into his new pad, Adrian secretly checks him out to make sure he’s not some kind of psycho killer. Oh the irony. Adrian starts to get to know Nick a little more and decides that she wants him all up in her. 

For Nick, he sees Adrian as just a kid. He admires her for her brains and wit and would probably tap her if she was older but he brushes her off when she shows affection for him. 

Nick decides to focus his attention on work but Adrian makes it hard from him when she calls him all the time, tries to stop by and harasses him. Nick realizes that Adrian is effed in the head and her little crush is more dangerous that he expected. 

I can’t speak for most girls, but when I have an unrequited crush on someone, I move on. What’s the point of obsessing on someone who doesn’t want you? I also cannot understand why, oh why do chicks think they need to be crazy to get a guy. Common sense would tell you that would make the guy want to run away from you even more. Adrian was a very smart girl. She wanted to make Nick’s life a living hell because he didn’t want her but she also wanted to make him want her. Smarts would tell you that a plan like that never works!

Ladies, if you like a guy who doesn’t like you back, find someone who will! Don’t be a crazy ass bitch, it only brands you un-dateable and well, a crazy ass bitch. 

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