Yo! Bitch Crazy!: Audition

I’m sure when you’re super old and have kid baggage it’s hard to get into the dating scene. You could ask your friends to fix you up but there is the pressure that if it doesn’t work out you have to tell your friends they have sucky taste.  The only logical solution would be to hold an audition to find your perfect mate. 

Seven years after the death of his wife, Aoyama, a lonely man, decides that it’s time to get back out there and find a new wife. Not wanting to take the traditional route of hitting the bars or scan dating sites, he lets his producer friend set up a fake movie audition to meet chicks. No, that’s not creepy at all!

During the audition, Asami, a shy, delicate and submissive girl catches Aoyama’s attention. He instantly feels like she could be the one. His friend feels like something isn’t right about her but Aoyama ignores his warning.

Aoyama calls Asami and here is where we the audience see that she is kind of a weirdo. She sits on the floor hunch over waiting and waiting for the phone to ring. When it does, she displays a big smile because she knows it’s Aoyama. When she answers it, she coyly tells him that she never expected him to call and how happy she is that he did.  He asks her out and she delightfully accepts the date. Girl’s got game. 

 Aoyama’s friend digs into Asami’s past and finds out that people involved with her tend to disappear. She has a shady past and questionable life but Aoyama is too smitten with her to see that anything could be wrong with her. He thinks she’s just a broken girl and he feels a connection with that because of the loss of his wife. 

Asami wants Aoyama to love her and only her. He willingly agrees because he feels like he’s in love with her and yeah, she’s about to sleep with him so I’m sure he would also agree to having a finger or two up his butt at this time as well. 

The morning after Asami flees leaving Aoyama to search for her. He realizes that he doesn’t know that much about her and in his search, news of unsettling incidents surface. 

Asami proves to be a crazy chick but Aoyama is in too deep to escape her unscathed. 

I wanted to feel sad for Aoyama but he didn’t make much attempt to get to know Asami better before wanting to propose to her.

I never could understand people’s desire to rush to claim to be in love with someone without properly getting to know them first. People out there are freaks in disguise and you never know what kind of crazy bitches and psychos are out there.

Takashi Miike is skilled at creating an unnerving environment for the characters and viewers. This is why I love this man. In Audition he shows the dark side of a rushing into a relationship with a stranger. Asami is the perfect representation of how an innocent and sweet person on paper could also be the kind of person who would throw up in a bowl and feed it to you. 

Bitch crazy. 

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