Yo! Bitch Crazy!: The Girl Most Likely To…

When you’re an unattractive girl with no friends, no man and no luck, life is hard (so I’ve heard). 

Miriam Knight has had a difficult time fitting into college. Guys avoid her, her roommate walks all over her and she is constantly made fun of because of the way she looks. 

When Miriam suffers endless amounts of public humiliation and bullying, she frantically drives off to escape her pain and misery. Miriam crashes her car and ends up in the hospital stewing in her anger and sadness. 

Due to the nature of her accident Miriam had to get plastic surgery which turned her into a super, mega hottie!

It’s good to know that when you need plastic surgery from an accident, not only will the doctors perform liposuction and rhinoplasty but apparently they will also moisturize your hair, tweeze your eyebrows, and do your make up. 

Miriam uses her new look to her advantage while she goes on a spree to get revenge on all who have wronged her. 

 Miriam may not have telekinetic powers or supernatural entities on her side but she does have brilliantly creative ways to kill off her tormentors.

This is a tv movie version of the typical “girl gets revenge” movie but it’s campy, twisted gem that has a special place in my heart. 

3 thoughts on “Yo! Bitch Crazy!: The Girl Most Likely To…

  1. This looks great. I have a special fondness for cheap, vintage made-for-TV movies. This should get extra points for being written by Joan Rivers, of all people. I'll be keeping my eye out for it.


  2. +JMJ+

    How did I forget that February is “Women in Horror” Month?!?!


    It's so great to hear that this movie is up on YouTube. I liked your review, so I'm sure I'll find it interesting. =)

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