Friday Film Recommendations: Feb 1st

Happy Friday film fiends!

This week I have a special selection of newly streaming Netflix movies! 


 A small, isolated town battles underground creatures. 

Kevin Bacon may have a long list of great films under his fancy six degree belt but this will forever be my favorite Bacon movie. 

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A twisted spin of The Christmas Carol, this quirky comedy is about a selfish tv exec who is visited by three ghosts. OooooOooo.

I can’t understand the missed opportunity Netflix had to stream this in December but oh well, it’s a great movie any time of the year.

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Scientist receive a message from space on how to splice alien DNA with human DNA. Thinking it’s a great idea to mix the both, they create a female alien mix breed. She grows up to be a horny hottie who seeks out a male counterpart to baby her up. A team is sent to track her and kill her before she gets laid. 

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The Gift

A small town psychic is the only lead to finding out the killer of a popular woman. She has visions of the killer but must find out who they are before they kill her. Dun dun dunnnn. 

To be honest, I know the only draw people (ok men) had to see this movie was because it shows Katie Holmes’s boobs. This is a sleeper movie but I thought it was a good one so boobs aside, it’s worth checking out.

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Have a great weekend folks! 

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