Friday Film Recommendations: Jan 18th

Happy Friday folks! 

In the mood to watch a movie about vampires? How about a collection of weird shorts? Nazi from outer space? Maybe you would rather see a guy have sexy time with his car? I know, I know, all of these options sounds appealing! Well, check out this week’s selection of Netflix instant watch! 


A drifter takes in a teen and the two strive to survive in a world of vampires and violent religious freaks. 

Though this movie has some slow moments, I found it to take on an interesting spin on the vampire genre and the sadness of the world fallen. It’s worth checking out. 

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Iron Sky

After WWII, Nazis fled to the moon to hide out and plotting their attack to take over Earth. 

I saw this at a film fest last year and thought it was a spiffy little B movie. 

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Petty thieves are hired to break into a man’s home to steal a VHS tape. When they arrive at the house they find him dead, surrounded by stacks of tapes. They watch the tapes and view scary and unexplainable footage.

I wish I could have loved this like a lot of my other horror loving colleagues but I thought it was just ok.  I can’t tell you that you won’t love it because I know a lot of people who do but if you don’t, then it’s ok, I promise. 

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The Theatre Bizarre 

A girl wanders into an abandon theater and is introduced to six bizarre and horrifying tales. 

Some stories are cool and some are meh and some are eh. It’s a mixed bag with a lot of cool actors. (Tom Savini for the win!) 

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My Strange Addiction

This documentary shows the lives of people who are battling odd obsessions. 

If you going to watch this show for the shock value of seeing the weirdo things people do (what other reason is there to watch this?) maybe don’t eat anything when you do watch some of these episodes. Just saying. 

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Have a great weekend folks! 

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