I’m Never Sleeping Naked Again! Sleep Tight Review

I found there are a lot of perks to living alone. Bras are optional, I can bust out my craziest dance moves without judgment and most importantly, I have Naked Tuesdays. I love the comfort of doing my own thing, in my own place behind closed doors and away from the view of the world. Sleep Tight shattered the comfort zone I built for my private life. 

Sleep Tight is the latest film from Jaume Balagueró, the man behind the first two [Rec] movies. This Spanish thriller follows César, an apartment building concierge who is obsessed with Clara, a gleeful tenant. 

Clara seems like a sweet and friendly lady who has never had anything bad happen to her in her life. César lacks motivation for anything which makes him seek out any form of happiness in his life. He sees Clara as a happy person so he targets her as a release for his frustrations. 

César gains pleasure from making Clara’s life miserable in every possible way that he can. He takes advantage of her apartment while she’s drugged to sleep every night. He does unexplainable things to her and has no remorse for his actions.

Without spoiling anything, the ending left me feeling unsettled and downright sickened. The film was overall twisted and psychologically damaging which worked well in creating an original story. The one downside from watching this is that I don’t know how I’m supposed to ever sleep again. 

Sleep Tight has taught that even in our sleep, we are not safe. While we are in our beds, dreaming away in our most vulnerable state, we are wide open to unknown terrors. 

I highly recommend checking this film out and I wish you luck on your future slumbers that follow afterwards. 

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