Friday Film Recommendation: Jan 4th

Happy New Year folks and Happy Friday as well. 

Ready to start 2013 with a mixed bag of movie choices? Of course you are! 


Strangers stranded at a remote motel during a storm are killed off one by one. It seems as though anyone can be the killer as eerie circumstances unfold. It’s a test of time to see who survives the night. 

I thought Identity was an unique twisted thriller but the ending made me LOL.  That aside, it’s still a cool flick. 

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The Omen (1976) 

The Thorns prepare to bring their newborn boy into the world but during the birth the baby was stillborn. The father, Robert, learns the news first but before he can tell his wife Katherine, a priest approaches him with a strange suggestion. He gives Robert the chance to take a baby whose mother died. Robert doesn’t want to upset Katherine so he takes the mysterious child and they raise it as their own. What the Thorns don’t know is, the child Damien, is the son of Satan! Dun dun dunnnnn…

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House on Haunted Hill (1959)

A millionaire offers five people 10 grand to spend the night in a haunted house. The group endure a night of bone rattling skeletons, severed heads and ggggg-ghosts! 

Vincent Price…need I say more?   

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Doctor Who (2005)

The British hit series about a time traveling doctor returns with new space-tastic adventures. 

I am officially late to the party on the Doctor Who band wagon. After a lot of my fellow peers rage on about how great this show is, I had to wait until I had some down town to finally watch it. I’ve currently started the third season but it only took the first few episode for me to fall in love with the show. Ok, David Tennant being sexy as hell certainly helps but I love that the show explores the beauty and tragedy of the universe. Doctor Who has also taught me that the completely impossible is possible. 

If you haven’t started watching this show. Do it, do it now! 

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Have a great weekend folks! 

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