Friday Film Recommendations : Nov 9th

Happy Friday film watching lovers! 

If you’re looking for movies to watch this weekend, I got a few suggestions to add to your Netflix queue. 

Addams Family Value

The zany Addams family continue their morbid and strange awesomeness with two additions to the household. One being the little boy Pubert and the other Debbie, a black widow marrying Fester to get at his money. 

Wednesday and Pugsley plot to get rid of Pubert and expose Debbie. Dun dun dunnnn. 

And now M.C. Hammer’s Addams Family song is stuck in my head. 

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Scary Movie 2

The horror-comedy saga continues with the gang spending the weekend in a haunted mansion. Insert drugs, sex and endless parody nods here. 

I really liked the first two Scary Movie movies but it went all down hill after this one. 

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Inside Deep Throat

This documentary examines the behind the scenes of one of the most well-known porns in the history of porn. And ya’ll, there’s a lot of history of porn.

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Graveyard Shift

Mill workers are hired to rid the shafts of a rat infestation. The workers learn that they are dealing with more than just average rats, these are man-eating bat-rats thingies! 

This is another one of Stephen King’s classic adaptions. 

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Bordello of Blood

And here is another sequel on this week’s list. 

The second Tales from the Crypt feature film is about a vampire whores luring men to their bordello so they can eat them and stuff. Think From Dusk Til Dawn only not even close to being as awesome.

I’m not going to pretend that this movie is good but it is enjoyable. Dennis Miller is comical and sexy and hey, it’s worth checking out just to see the Crypt keeper make punnies. 

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Have a great weekend folks! 

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