In Their Skin

I think it’s natural to feel envious of other people sometimes. There are people out there who have more money than us, better homes and other such desirable things. We know we shouldn’t give into our envy but there are people who obsesses to upgrade their lives. 

In Their Skin introduces the Hughes family. They recently lost their daughter in an accident and they want to attempt to be a family again by spending time in their vacation home in the woods. 

Mark and Mary feel their marriage fading due to the accident but they want to salvage their broken relationship for the sake of their son and for the love still left for each other. 

On their first morning in the cabin, they are awaken by their new neighbors, the Sakowskys. Bobby, Jane and son Jared come off awkwardly desperate and eager to befriend the Hughes. Mark and Mary feel overwhelmed by their presences but get sucked into inviting them over for dinner. 

During dinner, Bobby and Jane don’t shy away from slamming the Hughes with a barrage of personal questions. At first it seems as though their social skills are off so it’s their way of trying to be friendly but the more stranger questions they ask the more it seems like they are masking a motive. 

The Sakowskys’ fascination with the Hughes uncovers their desire to become them and it’s not the first time they have done this. They covet other families and the lives they live which drive them to kill. 

The Hughes endure terrifying and humiliating situations while the Sakowskys study their mannerisms and personalities. Mark and Mary are confronted with their need to survive the night. 

In Their Skin offers the uncomfortable and thrilling tension that is in creepy home invasion films. For this film, it isn’t just about surviving against people who want to kill you, it’s about seeing your life in someone’s eyes and realizing your life and family are worth fighting for. 

In Their Skin is now available on IFC Midnight Cable VOD and Digital Outlets (SundanceNOW, iTunes, Amazon Streaming, XBOX Zune, Playstation Unlimited) and opens in select theaters November 9, 2012.

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