Halloween Movies Drinking Game!

Happy Halloween fiends! 

If you’re planning on getting some friends together and watching some of the Halloween movies, why not get crazy ass drunk while you do it! 

Get your movie and booze ready and enjoy the rules below

Take a drink when …

  • You hear the Halloween theme song
  • Dr. Loomis warns the police (take an extra swig when they blow him off)
  • Michael cocks his head to the side
  • Someone says “totally”
  • Someone drinks, does drugs or has sex
  • The Silver Shamrock songs plays (Halloween 3) 
  • Someone is killed or a body is discovered
  • Someone thinks they see Michael but he either disappears or it turns out to be someone else (chug when someone is shot/killed because someone thought that person was Michael)
  • There’s a horror movie playing in the background of a scene. Take a shot/chug when it’s the first Halloween movie playing in Halloween 3: Season of the Witch
  • For all six times that Loomis shoots Michael 

Chug or take a shot …

  • Michael kills a pet (throw some booze on the ground for respect if you want to)
  • Loomis says “evil”
  • You see nudity
  • Someone says “boogeyman”
  • When the Mr. Sandman song comes on
  •  Busta Rhymes says “Trick or Treat mother fucker!” (Halloween: Resurrection)

Happy drinking folks! 

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