31 Days of Halloween: Halloween: The Curse of Michael Myers

After years of many Halloween sequels none of them fulfilled the one thing I always wanted to know, why did Michael kill his sister and why he gotta hate on his family, yo?

Halloween 6 took on the challenge of explaining more of Michael’s hidden origins and gave the real reason to why he killed, well I think that’s what they were going for.

In Halloween 5, there is a glimpse of a symbol seen on Michael’s wrist. It’s known to be the source of Michael’s evil yet there was still no real explanation for it at the time.

Picking up six years after Halloween 5, the movie starts with Jamie Lloyd, the niece of Michael Myers, giving birth at a cult-like ceremony led by a man in black. A nurse tries to help Jamie escape so she can keep her baby safe from the cult. She gets out only to have enough time to reach out to Dr. Loomis on a radio station program and hide her baby from Michael. He finds Jamie, kills her and begins his hunt for the child.

Meanwhile back in Haddonfield, a new family resides in the Myers’ home. Tommy Doyle, the boy from the first movie, is now grown up, living across the street from the home and keeping a watchful out for the family. Tommy hears Jamie’s message on the radio station before she died and finds the baby, the last of the Myers family. Tommy has been obsessed over Michael and wants to unlocks the mystery behind his murderous desires. Tommy always knew that Michael would be back and that day has finally come. 

The family staying at the Myers house become the next target for Michael’s killing spree and it’s up to Dr. Loomis to stop him yet again. 

I watched the Producer’s Cut of this movie and it filled in a lot of blanks I thought the theatrical version needed. So apparently Jamie’s baby is also Michael’s baby. Effin’ gross. And the whole reason why Michael started killing is because he was cursed as a child by a Celtic cult that control him. It explained why he was unstoppable and kind of why he needed to target all family members. Even though it wasn’t a strong back story, it was a back story. I know a lot of people have mixed feelings about this sequel but since I’ve now finally seen the Producer’s Cut, I highly recommend it. 

The Curse of Michael Myers wasn’t the best of the series but I enjoyed it for it’s attempt to bring closure to Michael’s story. The movie also has some sentimental value. This was the very first Halloween movie I got to see in theaters and it was Donald Pleasence’s last Halloween movie.

This movie may be misguided and a little confusing but it does offer an explanation to Michael’s drive and that’s all I could ask for out of a sequel.

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