31 Days of Halloween: Halloween: H20 & Halloween Resurrection

I know a lot of people like to watch the Halloween series around Halloween time. I  normally watch a movie or two during the season but I never actually sat down and watched them all together nor have I previously reviewed them. I decided in a countdown-ish kind of way, I was going to watch all the Halloween movies for the remainder of my 31 Days of Halloween segment.
To start this countdown off, I watched Halloween: H20 and *sigh* Resurrection as a double feature.
Twenty years after Michael Myers first went after his sister Laurie Strode, she started a new, secluded life where no one knows her.
She spent her life traumatized by Michael  and feared that one day he would find her. Of course it’s known that when you hide from your fears, it always knows where to find you so Michael does indeed find her.
Marlon Chambers (Dr. Loomis’ colleague from the first Halloween film) comes home to find that her place has been burglarized. Marlon discovers that Loomis’ file on Laurie Strode is missing and that Michael Myers is back looking for her. Naturally he kills Marlon to prevent Laurie finding out that he’s back and he takes off to hunt her down.
Years ago Laurie faked her own death and is now living as Keri Tate, a headmistress at a posh, private boarding school. She lives there with her 17 year-old son John who takes care of her.
Laurie has been forever haunted by the events of that Halloween night and she has kept John under a careful watch not realizing that it’s been damaging her relationship with him.
Being 17, John only cares about hanging out with his friends and his girlfriend Molly. John knows about Michael and his mother’s history but he think it’s been too long for her to still be scared that he would come back for her.
When John pushes Laurie to give him a break and live a little she realizes that maybe it’s time to give up the ghost.
Since it is Halloween Laurie can’t help but constantly feel edgy but she lets John go on a class trip where she feels he may be safe.
John decides to skip the class trip and stay behind at school with his friends and Molly. Laurie thinks he went out with the rest of the class while he’s really at school the whole time.
Michael goes to the school and kills John’s friends (because all horny teenagers must die) leaving him and Molly to run for their lives. When they run to Laurie for safety she saves them just in time to see what’s going on. And there she stands, face to face with her brother Michael.
At first running and hiding is Laurie’s first instinct but growing tired of living in fear for twenty years, she decides that this time, she’s going to fight back.
I think H20 is the best of the series since the first and second one because it fits perfectly with the original story. We all know 3 has nothing to do with Michael, 4 and 5 does bring the stellar acting of Danielle Harris but it’s confusing to know why Laurie would abandon her first born and 6 well, I’ll get into that later.
As a final girl in the Halloween series, Laurie always had Dr. Loomis to protect her. She had a few hits on Michael but it wasn’t until H20 where she realized that she had to stand up to her fear and destroy the monster. Overcoming the hold that Michael had on her all of those years was the only way Laurie would ever break free of Michael, and she did.
Halloween: Resurrection
Oh how in the hell am I going to write about this garbage can of a movie…
The best way to describe Resurrection is that it will give you a face full of stupid! It is as pointless as washing your car before it rains.
If you haven’t seen H20, this is going to be a spoiler for you…..
At the end of H20, Laurie chops off Michael’s head. It left the audience clamoring for this great ending and it gave a feeling that the series ended on a great note. That is until they (whoever “they” are) decided that they should make more money from the series by carrying on with the story.
So here we are, Laurie is locked away in a psych ward because she didn’t kill Michael, she killed someone else. Apparently, during the happens in H20, Michael grabbed a paramedic, crushed his larynx and switched his clothes and put a mask on him. Since he couldn’t talk, Laurie totes thought it was Michael and so she cut off his head. Michael ran off, feeling giddy about his suave plan.
So here’s the deal, Michael finally goes after Laurie again and kills her. Now what, you ask? He goes home to grab a beer and kick it to the job well done. The only problem is, there’s a bunch of college kids running around his house with cameras attached to them taping their Michael Myers findings.
Michael is all “uh ugh! I know these people aren’t all up in my house!” so then he kills them all.  
Throw in Busta Rhymes doing kung-fu, saying “Treat or Treat motherfucka” and that sums up this whole poor excuse of a movie.

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