31 Days of Halloween: 28 Weeks Later

After the rage virus spread over Britain and took over the mass population, The U.S. military came in to eliminate the infected, contain areas for re-population and reconstruct a new and safe city.
A father re-joins his son and daughter in the newly contained living area after they were separated by the virus. The father explains to the kids that their mother was killed by the infected while they were shacked away in a cottage. What he doesn’t tell them is that when they were being attack and she was cornered, he chose to run for his life instead of saving her. What a dick.
He has been filled with regret because of his decision but he’s happy to be alive and with his kids again.
The kids are afraid that they will forget what their mother looked like so they break out of the contain area to go back home to pick up some memorabilia.
While they are at home, they  stumble across their mother, still alive and seemingly uninfected. The military picked up the kids and mother and take her to be examined. Well it turns out that because of a rare genetic disorder, she can carry the virus without being infected. They keep her locked away because she is highly contagious but when the word gets back to the dad that she’s alive, he sneaks in to see her.
He tries to apologize to her to relieve himself of the guilt he’s been harboring for so long then gives her a gentle kiss. The kiss infects him and he goes into a rage fit, ripping her apart then soldiers in his part.
The virus once again spreads quickly and overcomes the newly built population.
The thing I love about the virus is how quickly it can take someone over. It’s not a slow, creeping time bomb, it happens within in seconds. It shows how fast it takes people over and how hard it would be to save yourself in the path of this infection.
The one thing that bothered me the most about this movie is the father’s infectious drive to track down his children. From what I understood about this virus is that it takes you over completely and turns you into a crazed person. The fact the father was passing up people in his path that he could have been tearing apart just to target in on his kids confused me. I know that the whole point was for him to have a kind of final show down with his kids but still, come on! The guy got through a gun fire frenzy, fire bomb AND smoke bomb just to stalk his kids. I don’t think so!
Despite that one annoying flaw I did enjoy the continued 28 story. It scary to think that a virus like that can happen one day and facing the reality that we may never be able to contain it. Dun dun dunnnn.

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