31 Days of Halloween: The Massacre (24 Hour Horror Marathon)

For the second weekend in a row I battled another 24 hour horror marathon. Due to other obligations I was only able to rock out 18 hours but I still got the chance to see some great flicks in the during my duration. Some movies I’ve seen and reviewed before and some other were movies I haven’t seen in the longest time. Anyway, here’s my viewing list.

The Black Cat

Joan and Peter are a couple honeymooning in Hungry. While traveling they cross paths with Dr. Vitus Verdegast. They learn that Vitus has been in a war prison for 15 years and is off to met an old friend, Hjalmar Poelzig. When they get into an accident, Joan is badly injury so Peter and Vitus take her to the home of Hjalmar. 

Hjalmar’s takes care of Joan but she becomes the object of his sacrificial choice. 

Vitus did not visit Hjalmar on happy term, he came to claim his wife and daughter that Hjalmar stole from him and take down his Satanic cult. 

Joan and Peter are wrapped up in the deadly fight between Vitus and Hjalmar while Joan’s life is a stake. 

Karloff and Logosi bring a dynamic force to the films they work on together. It’s a gift to see these two share the screen. 

The Curse of the Werewolf

A desperate bum reaches out to a douchebag marque for some food. The marque makes the bum dance, act like a dog and other humiliating tasks before locking him away in a dungeon to be kept as a pet. The bum is forgotten about but the jailer and his beautiful, mute daughter keep him feed for 15 years. When the daughter grows up the marque makes a pass at her and she refuses. He throws her in the dungeon with the dirty ass bum who rapes her. 

When the marque takes her out of the dungeon to see if she’s ready to play nice, she kills him and makes a break for it. She lives in the woods for a few months before a kind stranger, Don, rescues her. He takes her in his home where he and Teresa, his housekeeper care for her. When they find out she’s pregnant, they treat her like she’s a part of the family. 

When the child is born, the woman dies leaving Don and Teresa to raise and name him Leon. For some reason because Leon was born on Christmas Day and his mother was not married, he has the unlucky curse of being a werewolf. It could happen. 

Don and Teresa do what they can to keep him safe and kept him away from other people during the course of the full moon.

When Leon grows up, he goes out into the world to find a job and have a life for himself but the wolf in him is on the brink of breaking free. 

The Witchfinder General

An opportunist witch hunter takes advantage of his status to torture people in the name of witchery. 

He travels from town to town offering to rid the area of any witches. He doesn’t have any special powers to weed out witches, he is just looking for money and sexual favors. When he accuses a priest of being a witch, shit goes down and the priest’s soon to be son-in-law goes after the Witchfinder. 

I haven’t seen every single movie Vincent Price has been in but I have seen enough to say the man can do no wrong. He always masters the sinister, evil roles such as this one. 

Spider Baby 

It was such a geeky pleasure to not only see this gem on the big screen with a new print but to also meet Jack Hill as well. 

I’ve reviewed this before as a part of the Final Girl Film Club so here’s the link to that

Spider Baby review 

The Return of the Living Dead

Two laid-back medical supply warehouse workers stupidly release a deadly gas into the air. The vapors cause the dead to return and attack the living.

Punk teenagers, the warehouse owner and a mortician are stranded, struggling to surivive while the dead over rule the town.

Return of the Living Dead was the zombie movie I grew up on. I can say I’ve probably seen this more than any other zombie movie ever made, ever. This movie is a special piece of my childhood and it helped shaped my love for zombies even before zombies became cool. 

A Nightmare on Elm Street 3: Dream Warriors

This is another movie I’ve reviewed before but again, enjoyed watching on the big screen at midnight with a bunch of horror freaks showing some Dokken love! 

Dream Warriors review 


I feel honored to have seen this for the first time a few year ago in a theater and now getting to see it again with people who have never heard of it made this time extra special. 

I still can’t get over how crazy and amazingly zany this film is and I love it a little more every time I see it.

Hausu review 


Nightmares is a horror anthology that focuses on urban legends and rare tales.
The first story is about a woman going out to feed her nicotine addiction while there’s a killer loose in her town.
The second story is about a video game junkie obsessed with an unbeatable game. Word on the street is, no one has ever reached the 12th level, so he breaks the arcade to spend his night beating the game. When he reaches the 12th level and must face off with the “bishop” of the game, shit gets real.
The third story is about a faithless man who faces off with a demonic monster truck. It’s along the lines of the movie Duel.
The final story is about a family that is plagued with rats in their home. The father of the home ignores the problem thinking it’s fixable but after menacing events and scary occurrences, they realize they are not dealing with normal rats.
Nightmares isn’t as scary or creepy as other classic anthology films like Tales from the Darkside or Creepshow but its stands on its own as an underrated movie.
Also, you can’t go wrong with watching anything with Emilio Estevez.

And now this completes my 24 hour marathon run of the year. Sleep awaits….

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