31 Days of Halloween: Critters

Creatures from outer space invade a Kansas farm looking for an endless feast. Bounty hunters are sent to track them down and destroy them before they start to feed. The creatures, known as Krites or let’s just go with critters, are little fuzz balls with sharp teeth, an unquenchable appetite and oh yeah they shoot darts too.
The critters terrorize the family of the farm and the young son Brad, takes it upon himself to protect the family. Brad is a spunky, resourceful kid who is good with a sling shot and fireworks.
While watching this again after many years I realized that there’s something unsettling about a ginger farmer kid who has an obsession with explosive but hey, it works in this movie.
While trying to flee the farm to seek help, Brad notices that one Critter grew to be bigger than himself.  When he escapes the farm he runs into the two bounty hunter who have taken the shape-shifting form of a Johnny Steele, a rock star and the town drunk, Charlie. Brad leads them to the farm so shit can get real up in here.
Meanwhile at the farm, the family tries to hold up until Brad returns with help. The critters have fun tearing the house apart and looking for anything they can eat. When the critters start talking amongst themselves, it gets hard to see them as scary when they are so damn hilarious.
The critters are killed off one by one but of course, Brad has to have a showdown with the final, giant critter.
In the shadow of Gremlins and  E.T; Critters is a simple, straight-forward horror, scifi, comedy. It maybe be cheesy and on some level underappreciated but Critters is one of my childhood favorites creature features.

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