31 Days of Halloween: Shock ‘Em Dead

When I say that I’m open to movie recommendations, know that I mean it! I didn’t know what my movie of the day should be but when I found that my friend tagged me on a post on Facebook that said “anyone who likes absolutely great shitty horror, here you go…” with a link, I accepted the challenge. 

So today I found myself watching Shock ‘Em Dead. 

Martin is a loser who dreams of becoming a famous rock star. He makes a deal with a voodoo priestess to gain awesome rockin’ powers all for his soul. Martin becomes an ultimate rock god but his trade off comes with a price. Since Martin is dead inside, being soulless and all, he must kill people to stay alive.  
I grew up watching a lot of cheesy movies and I’m surprised that I never came around this campy gem. Also it gets bonus cool points for having Traci Lords in it. 

Unlike my friend, I wouldn’t straight up say this movie is “shitty” but it is absolutely entertaining. 

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