31 Days of Halloween: Music Box of Horrors

If you’ve read this blog for a while (thank you to you all) or if you know me personally, you know that around this time every year I go to a 24 hour horror marathon. Yeah I’m awesome, yo.

After a fun yet long journey spending my weekend in a dark theater with horror loving fiends, I was exposed to new and old great horror movies. 

I slept through some movies or went out to eat but here are the movies that I did watched during the marathon.

The Golem

A Rabbi creates a creature from clay to protect the Jewish community from persecution.  The Golem acts as a servant to the Rabbi and does as he told to help the people in town. When a spell is put on him, he turns evil and acts out of rage and vengeance. 

I first heard of the Golem when the Simpsons did a parody of the story for one of their Treehouse of Horrors episodes. I was intrigued to learn that it’s an actual Jewish folklore. 

I love how this is a religious based Frankenstein-esque story only more mythical than scientific. 

The Invisible Man

A scientist discovers a way to become invisible and he takes advantage of his situation. He grows mad with power and develops a murderously and destructive hunger that cannot be stopped. 

Police are desperate to catch him so his reign of terror can end but finding someone they can’t see is challenging.

Out of all the Universal Monsters movies, I think The Invisible Man is the only one I haven’t seen. I was not expecting it to be so hilarious! Even though he was super evil, I was completely rooting for him throughout the whole movie.

The Invisible Man easily became one of my favorite films of this whole marathon. 

Dr. Terror’s House of Horrors

Five strangers meet on a train where a tarot card reader tells them their grim futures.

I’m a giant sucker for anthology films and though all of these stories were a little tame, I still loved it. Well, it’s hard to not love a film that has Donald Sutherland, Peter Cushing and Christopher Lee in it.

This was my first time seeing this film which made it super, uber extra special because it was the original Technicolor print. Shazam!


A storm knocks power lines into the wet soils of a small Georgia town. The surge of electricity causes killer worms to rise from the ground and overrun the town.

I always enjoy nature strikes back type of horror movies because it’s not dealing with the supernatural or any kind of evil. It deals with things we see everyday and never consider that one day these things will decide to attack us, such as these worms.

It was nice to have the writer/director Jeff Lieberman in attendance of this event to talk about the film and his experience with working with Rick Baker and the worms.

Satan’s Little Helper

A young boy is obsessed with a video game called Satan’s Little Helper. He loves it so much that he’s dresses up like the helper for Halloween.

When he runs into a serial killer dressed up like Satan, the boy thinks this guy must like the video game too. The kid wants to help Satan “kill” people and the silent killer agrees to let the kid tag along. When he goes around killing people, the kid thinks that it’s a game and those people aren’t really dead. It isn’t till bodies later that the kid realizes that he’s not playing a game and this Satan person is killing people for reals.

I’ve heard about this movie a lot yet never thought to check it out. I was expecting it to be a bit cheesy but it was actually awesome. I am completely thrilled that I got the chance to see and with a lively, horror loving audience. Best setting ever!

Howling II: Your Sister’s A Werewolf

The brother of a werewolf victim joins a hunter to kill the queen of all werewolves. 

As I waited in line to get into the theater, the people around me openly talked about the movies we were all going to view during this 24 hour period. It was unanimous that Howling II was not a good movie. Spoiler alert, they were all right.

I can imagine that if I went out and rented this and watched it alone, I would be bored. It goes to show that if you take any bad movie and watch it with the right people, it can be damn enjoyable. This bad movie became enjoyable and memorable. 

The Beyond

A young woman inherits an old hotel which is built over an entrance to Hell.

This was another first time viewing for me. I can’t get enough of how awesomely gruesome Fulci films are and how the death scenes always make giggly and yet feel sick. Great combine to experience when you’re watching a horror movie. 

Blood Diner

Two cannibalistic brothers kill women as a part of a ritual to awaken a goddess. They must seek out different parts of certain females to cook up the right formula for the ritual. 

This movie is a loose sequel to Herschell Gordon Lewis’s Blood Feast. I’ve had this movie sitting on my dvd shelf for over a year now and I had no idea what wonderful gem I had going to waste. Like the style of HGL’s films, Blood Diner is a dish of corny and gory. 

The Burning

Like most summer camp horror movies, this one brings a tale of bloody vengeance! A camp grounds keeper gets horribly disfigured when campers pull a prank on him. Years later he returns to the camp to kill the ones that have wronged him.

This movie has everything: blood-splattered murders, the stereotypical camp goers AND Jason Alexander with hair. Someone give this movie an Oscar, stat!

Evil Dead 2

Ash takes his girlfriend Linda to a secluded cabin in the woods as a romantic getaway. Ash finds a tape recorder and decides to play it. What harm can a little tape recorder do right?! Well the tape plays a professor’s reading from the Book of the Dead. The incantation casts a spell which unleashes evil forces on the happy couple. Linda is possessed and Ash kills her to protect himself and he is left stranded in the cabin.

He is later joined by the professor’s daughter and three of her colleagues and the group fight for the lives while battling evil. 

The combination of the heart and humor that Raimi and Campbell bring to the Evil Dead series sparks an unexplained magic onto the screen.  I don’t know what the future brings for these two to team up again and what the hell will become of the remake for Evil Dead but for now, let;s just appreciate the glory of this whole series. Ah, good times. 

This was a groovy film to close the 24 hour marathon. (Sorry, I couldn’t resist) 

And that is all… for now! Stay tuned next weekend when I do yet another 24 hour marathon! 

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