31 Days of Halloween: Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

I’ve never punched someone in the face before, but I’ve wanted to on several occasions. We all have a dark side in us that wants to break away from being good and proper just for a moment to indulge in evil. I think Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde portrayals the good and evil that is in everyone. 

Dr. Jekyll is intrigued with the good and bad side of man. The good and evil in us are chained together but he wants to experiment on what happens when the chain breaks and the dormant side breaks free. 

Jekyll develops a serum that transforms him to the evil Mr. Hyde. Hyde sets out to release his sadistic sexual desires and downright vicious side onto a girl Ivy, who he has dominated to be his girlfriend. When Ivy goes to Jekyll to be treated for her wounds, he realizes what terrible things Hyde is capable of doing.  Jekyll decides that he no longer wants to be Mr. Hyde ever again but the transformation becomes uncontrollable. Jekyll learns that Mr. Hyde can take over at any random time and when he does, he causes a world of destruction and death. 

I’ve know the story of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde practically my whole life but until now, I’ve never actually seen the film. I think the story has been passed around from other people because this is something that every person can relate to on some level. We have aspects of our personality that we hide from others. We either fear that we’ll be judged or ridicule for it or we are just not ready to fully give in to exploring these aspects and we fear where it could take us.

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