Friday Film Recommendations: Oct 12th

Happy Friday everyone! It’s time again to queue up your Netflix streaming and add some new movie options for your viewing pleasure. 

The Innkeepers

The Yankee Pedlar Inn is shutting down soon. The Inn has been rumored to be haunted but the two employees working there have never experienced anything first hand. They want to use their last weekend to explore the Inn and try to document some kind of paranormal activity. Spoiler alert, they experienced paranormal activity. 

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Demon Knight 

Present by Tales from the Crypt *insert Cryptkeeper’s laugh here* this full length story is about a drifter and collector battling over a key that could bring demons to enter the world. The drifter Brayker has a key filled with the blood of Christ. The Collector is chasing him down to get it so he can unlock hell. The two get small time town folk mixed up in their battle and the fight to save the world continues. 

I love this extension of the Tales from the Crypt stories and Billy Zane is sexy as hell. 

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Bringing Out The Dead

A NY ambulance paramedic is haunted by the visions of the people who have died on his watch. 

Martin Scorsese has a brilliant way of showcasing people who are internally tortured and this film is a great example of that. 

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Team America: World Police (Fuck Yeah)

South Park’s Trey Parker and Matt Stone move from the world of animation to a world of puppets. The puppet police engage in global crime-fighting to save the world.

As much as I love this movie and it’s super funny and puppets have sex so that’s always awesome…puppets freak me the eff out yo! I could only watch this movie once and still their moment and soul-eating eyes haunts my dreams. 

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A wizard turned into a troll terrorizes residents in an apartment building. He’s searching for a ring that will bring him back to his human form. Harry Potter (that’s the character’s name!) teams up with a witch and they try to destroy the troll before he destroys them! Dun dun dunn.

This isn’t as awesomely bad as the second Troll movie but it’s still awesomely bad. 

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Have a great super awesome weekend all! 

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