31 Days of Halloween: Club Dread

I’m very particular about mixing comedy and horror. Sometimes a movie can do it right such as in Shaun of the Dead, Student Bodies or Zombieland but other times it can be jarring. How many more Scary Movies sequels can they make?! Anyway, I find Club Dread to be a perfect mix of blood, gore, humor and boobies (if that’s your bag). 

Broken Lizard, a comedy group, brings their silly and funny anecdotes to the horror genre. The movie takes place on an island resort where people go to get wild and laid. 

As new vacationers arrive to the island, staff members of the resort are slowly picked off by an unknown killer. The killer sends a message to the remaining staff to do their jobs right or die. The team tries to keep the people on the island happy, perform their jobs as well as possible all while finding the identity of the killer. 

Club Dread isn’t looking to be taken seriously as a horror movie; it’s just a great nod to “whodunit” slasher films all while adding fun to the format. Too many parody/satire horror films try too hard to be funny or they let the comedy aspect overshadow the horror elements in the movie. Club Dread makes steamy love to the horror genre all while being goofy with it. That’s how horror comedies are done right! 

One thought on “31 Days of Halloween: Club Dread

  1. Good observation… the good horror comedies are ones that are simply comedic, and don't attempt to “make fun” of the horror genre.

    Bill Paxton is PHENOMENAL in this one.

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