31 Days of Halloween: Motel Hell

Recently I decided to become a vegan. The choice was based on health over morals but I do like knowing that I’m not eating animals or possibly a human anymore. 

Before this decision I had a great deal of meat in me (hehe). I’ve had chicken, burgers and my fair share of hot dogs. I’m sure somewhere in there, I’ve had a human or three. Hot dogs, I’m looking at you. 

I didn’t have a problem with eating the animals and all because damn they were tasty, but the thought that I’ve likely ingested humans is gross, especially if their hands weren’t washed before they were cooked. Bleh. 
After watching Motel Hell, I was sickened to see how humans were maintained prior to preparation as food.  

Famer Vincent and his sister Ida run a motel near their farm. Vincent is well-known around town for having the best smoked meats in the area. Vincent and Ida keep their formula a secret from everyone, even their brother Bruce, who is the local authority. 

Vincent plans traps along the road in order to capture travelers and keep them in his “secret garden.” He plants them in the ground, severs their vocal cords so they can’t scream, then feeds them special food until they are ready to be killed. Vincent doesn’t think he’s doing anything wrong. He thinks of his victims as animals for the slaughter. 

In an attempt to take down a couple on a motorcycle, the driver was killed but the hot female passenger, Terry, survived the accident. Vincent takes in her and cares for her. When Bruce comes around to check in on her, he develops a sweet spot for her. Bruce’s feeling for Terry is shut down when she fall for Vincent and agrees to marry him.

Vincent wants to ease Terry into his smoked meats secret but Ida is jealous that the killings and farming won’t be their thing anymore. 

Vincent can’t keep his secret enclosed for long when the human products escape and roam the motel. That’s when shit gets real. 

I’m not completely serious when I place a lot of my anti-meat eating ways on Motel Hell, but it does make you think if maybe, just maybe, that tender steak you enjoyed last week, or if the meatloaf special you had for dinner may contain a human part of two. It could happen! 

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