31 Days od Halloween: Willard

Willard is the kind of guy you want to feel sorry for. He lives with his old, senile mother, he gets picked on at work and he kinda has a stupid name. 

Willard doesn’t have a friend in the world until he meets Socrates, a mouse he caught in a trap. Willard and Soc develop a bond which expands to other rats. This is where Ben enters. He wants the affection that Willard gives to Socrates and he’ll go out of his way to obtain it. 

Willard doesn’t care for Ben all that much since he’s too busy being in love with Socrates but jealousy overcomes Ben and he tries to get Socrates out of the way.

In the meantime, Willard uses the rats to do his evil biddings. He demands that they do things for him and the actions give him a sense of power. All seem well when Willard gets him way but it doesn’t take too long before Ben tries to overrun Willard’s life. 

Willard realizes that things have gone too far and Ben has turned on him. 

I absolutely love my two dogs. I’m all they have in the world and they are all that I need. The problem is I envy Willard’s relationship with Socrates and Ben. He tells them to attack someone who is bothering him and they do it. I tell my dogs to make me a sandwich and they spend 20 minutes licking their bits. That’s not the kind of sandwich I was talking about. 

Although the end result of Willard’s relationship with the rats did not end well, he still got a unique and loving relationship out of his crazy, deranged life. 

And now, I can’t get Michael Jackson’s Ben out of my head. 

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