31 Days of Halloween: Dellamorte Dellamore

Francesco Dellamorte works and lives in a cemetery. His job does not only include burying the dead, but he must also kill them when they rise from their graves. It’s unknown how the epidemic began, but when a person dies, seven days later they awaken as “returners.” Dellamorte’s duty is to make sure they die again. 

For someone who deals with death all day and all night, Dellamorte floats through life not fully appreciating being alive. When he meets a woman who recently lost her husband, he is smitten with her. This attraction gives him a jolt of life and he instantly falls in love with her. At first she pulls away from his advances but that doesn’t last long and the two embrace in their feeling for each other. 

When this relationship begins, Dellamorte’s world is stuck in between love and death. He yearns to grasp onto any love he can find. It makes him feel alive after years of having the mentality that nothing in life matters because the end result will always be death. Love is the ultimate representation of life and death is the end all and he isn’t ready to fully accept death. 

Dellamorte’s fantasy life and fragmented mind gives this film a bizarre atmosphere. A lot of events that happen are goofy and at times funny but overall this is a fantastically made, beautiful film. 

As much as I love this film, I can’t help but feel so sad every time I watch it. I want Dellamorte to find love, I want him to take in the life he has while he’s still living it in. I want him to find a world that isn’t so grim and dark. His life is somber and downright heartbreaking. 

I guess in the end, we are stuck in the world we create for ourselves.  

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