Friday Film Recommendations: Oct 5th

Happy Friday all!

I know that FFR has been hold for a while now but I thought no time better than October to bring it back and start recommending movies for your instant watching pleasures. 

So folks, get your queues ready for this week’s selection

The Walking Dead Season Two

The second season begins after the crew left The CDC and Atlanta behind. They have their run-ins with more walkers, losing Sophia, introductions to new characters and the loss of well-known characters.

The season does drag a bit but it picks up mid-season and shit gets real.

Season 3 starts next Sunday so now is a good time to catch up.

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Lovely Molly

Newlyweds Tim and Molly move into Molly’s childhood home. Since Tim’s job keeps him away from home a lot, Molly is left alone during the night. During her time in the house Molly is haunted by a demonic presence in the house.

This one gave me the creepers. 

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The Tall Man

A mother’s child is taken by the town’s myth known as The Tall Man. Legend is the Tall Man takes children away from their homes and they are never found again. 

Before this came out, a reviewer that I like said this movie was terrible. I was put off from seeing it for a while but I decided to check it out anyway. Ok, I had to sit on this one for a while after viewing it. It wasn’t completely bad but when the twist hit, it was confusing and I was left confused for a long time up until the end. As far as the twist goes, I “got it” but still didn’t understand why certain things in the film carried on the way it did just to attempt to pull off the twist. I don’t know, it was kind of a mess. Again, I didn’t think the movie was all that bad but I was very much annoyed that the “tall man” wasn’t even all that tall, yo. Talk about false advertising. 

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A small town is invaded by alien slugs which turn the town folk turn into zombie-mutated monsters. 

I got to see a special screening of this a few months before it’s released and James Gunn insisted that he’s never seen Night of the Creeps before. He noticed the similarities after the fact but still stands by his statement. I think James is a stand-up guy so I know he’s being honest though both movies are very much the same. But I have to say there is one sexy thing that Slither has that Night of the Creeps does not, and that is Nathan Fillion. That is all. 

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Super 8

While shooting a film at a train station, six kids witness an accident which unleashes a supernatural monster in their small town. 

You can read my love fest for this film HERE

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Happy viewing everyone! 

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