31 Days of Halloween: Alien

Today was one of those days that out of my entire movie watching options easily available to me; I didn’t know what I wanted to watch. This is when my TiVo fate intervened. If you have a TiVo you know it does this nifty little trick where it records movies or shows for you for no reason other than just hoping it’s something you like. This morning I found out that TiVo decided to record Alien for me. I can’t remember when the last time I saw Alien was so it was the perfect pick for my day. Thank you TiVo. You did good boy! 

A commercial towing spaceship investigates a SOS calling from another ship on a distant planet. The crew investigating the ship uncover that the calling wasn’t for help, it was a warning. Dun dun dunnn. 

From years of watching Unsolved Mysteries, I grew up believing that aliens raped your butt. Every person on that show who had an alien encounter proclaimed that their butts were invaded. It wasn’t until I first saw Alien that I was awaken with the knowledge that aliens were face rapers too. Ok fine, call them “facehuggers” to make them sound like they all friendly and warm but come on, they rape faces yo.

Moving on.

What makes Alien an effective sci-fi horror movie isn’t just that the alien is terrifying but it’s the atmosphere of the ship that provides the fear. The unfamiliar surroundings are claustrophobic, dark and creepy. 

Letting the whole, “aliens are rapist” thing aside, Alien still remains to be one of the best classic horror films to date. 

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