31 Days of Halloween: Home Movie

There are times when I watch a horror movie about killer kids and it will remind me to take my birth control and punch myself in the crotch just to insure that nothing is going to pop out of there. 

I never wanted kids for my own selfish reasons but watching movies about them being all evil-like helps me feel great about my life choice. One such movie that helped do the trick is Home Movie. 

Before found-footage movies became overly popular, Home Movie documents the destruction of a family due to having deeply disturbed children. 

David and Claire Poe are a normal suburban couple raising their ten-year old twins Emily and Jack in the best family setting they can provide. They strive to give their children a good life but the kids fight it every chance they get.

The movie is set up in segments based on holidays. It follows through events displaying Jack and Emily’s devious behavior. Right at the beginning you know these kids aren’t right and it’s annoying to see that it took 10 years and a video camera for the parents to pick up that something is wrong with their kids. 

It’s understandable that David overcompensates with love and attention to mask their outrageous actions. He was abused as a child so as a psychiatrist, Claire believes that it is likely he will be abusive to the kids. David struggles to fight this statistic by being the best, doormat father he can be. 

It becomes more obvious as the events go by that the children are sick and troubled. David believes that they are possessed and as a pastor, he can exorcist the demons out of them. Claire thinks they need the proper medication to control their anti-social, psychotic behavior. 

David tried to exorcise them and Claire gave them a large amount of pills for their problems. One or the combination of both seemed to work on the kids for a while there and all seemed right in the world of the Poe’s. That is until they realized that the kids were faking it and those evil bastards are more dangerous than anyone could comprehend. 

I find this movie more disturbing than most killer/evil kids movies because unlike the usual ones, these kids had no reason turn out the way that they did. They aren’t the spawn of Satan. They were not adopted so their origins aren’t from an unknown evil source. These parents did nothing wrong in the upbringing of their kids. They loved them and tried their best to give them a good normal, life but it didn’t prevent them from turning out bad. I guess you can say that no matter what, twins are evil! Maybe it’s the freaky power of twins that can give some explanation to why their turned out to be vicious. Either way it’s perplexing to lock down any reason why they turned out so demented. 

It’s scary to think that you can give your child all the love they need and no matter what, they will still try to kill you in your sleep. Thank you Home Movie for opening my eyes to that possibility. 

3 thoughts on “31 Days of Halloween: Home Movie

  1. I was really surprised at how much I enjoyed this one – I thought it did a great job of focusing on the family dynamics more than the jump scares and other gimmickry that tends to be the focus of found-footage horror.

    And yeah, normally I like evil kids who are a little more animated, but for this one the little blank-faced sociopaths were perfect. I agree 100% that kids who are evil for no good reason is terrifying.

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