The Roost: A Creature Feature from Bat Country

A late night tv horror host tells the tale of four friends driving down a deserted road on their way to a wedding for Halloween. 

On the drive down a dark road, a bat hits their car causing it to crash, leaving the group stranded. They walk to a nearby farmhouse to seek help but find themselves in the middle of a bat infestation. 

The owners of the farm and a cop are attacked by the bats leaving the group to fend for themselves.When bitten, a person is re-animated to a zombie-like monster. The group must survive the night fighting off bats and the infected all while trying not to get bit. 

This is Ti West’s first feature film and it’s a wonderful introduction to his style of film-making. West likes to pay homage to the 70’s and 80’s retro style horror movies that he grew up with. His love for the genre comes through in all of his films and that love has a lot of presence in The Roost

The Roost harbors a old-school vibe and minimalist approach without needing a lot of gore or typical scare tactics which makes it an unique spin against today’s modern horror movies. 

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