Zombie Tarot

Some people look to tarot cards to find out their future. They want to know about money, love and work but let’s get real; none of that stuff matters once the zombie apocalypse begins.
Why shift through regular tarot cards to find out your survival chances when you can use the Zombie Tarot to determine your fate.
The Zombie Tarot can help you decide whether to remain barricaded inside a fallout shelter, head to a government-sponsored refugee camp, or proceed directly to the Gunz-R-Us. In any situation you can consult The Zombie Tarot to direct you to the best course of action.
This spiffy box features:
·         78 illustrated cards, complete with severed limbs, cannibalistic children, and loads of weaponry
·         A 96-page full-color instruction booklet to help you interpret your readings
·         Indispensable advice for the zombie uprising, such as “Always, always keep the shotgun loaded.”
·         Helpful tips for conducting a reading.
The Zombie Tarot is a perfect preparation tool for the impending zombie take over. When the time comes to take action, you’ll feel more prepared to kick ass, kill zombies and most importantly, live  to see another day.
If you want to get your hands on this set, check out the site HERE.

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