Comics Recommendations: The Secret



Tommy Morris is a laid back teen who has a huge boner for his classmate Pam. When Pam invites Tommy to a party with the other cool kids, he jumps at the opportunity to get closer to Pam.

At the party, kids are hanging out and making prank calls to random people. The kids pick a number then tell the person on the other end “I know your secret!” They tell the person to meet them at the park at midnight as a trick. Tommy thinks the prank calling is lame ass weak sauce but Pam wants her turn. When she calls a random number the person on the other end yells in a demontic voice, “HOW DO YOU KNOW MY SECRET!?” She is a little freaked out but then finishes the gag by telling them to go to the park.

The kids rush to the park to see how many people fall for the prank but Pam feels unsettled by the guy she called. Tommy ensure Pam that she’s safe and there’s nothing to worry about.

The next day at school Pam gets a call on her cell from the same guy asking how she knows his secret. This freaks her out even more and then later that day she goes missing.

Tommy spends all of his time never giving up faith on finding Pam. Over a year later he finds out what really happened to her…..

When I first read this comic about 4 years ago, I heard a crazy rumor that it was going to be made into a feature film. That still hasn’t happened yet BUT it was made into a motion comic. So if you want to check it out, you can see the first part of the motion comic below. Enjoy.


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