Friday Film Recommendations: June 22nd

Happy Friday Folks!

After taking some much needed time off, FFR is back with recommendations that will make your panties drop! Ok, maybe not but hey, if you want to hide out from the heat and watch some flicks, I know of some you can check out! Yeah, I’m still always looking out for you. Ok, queue up your Netflix and let’s watch some movies.

Battle Royale

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Battle Royale II

Three years after the downfall of the BR program, a new class is taken to the island.

I saw this just once a very long time ago and remember that I didn’t think much of it. But hey if you want to rock out a BR marathon you can! You’re welcome.

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A stuntman by day and getaway driver at night gets himself mixed up in a hot mess when he falls for his neighbor and tries to help her out.
I decided to check this out based on curiosity and wow, I wasn’t expecting it to be so bloody violent. So of course I loved it!

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Shark Night (minus the 3-D)

College students spend their weekend hanging out by a lake. Fun times of drinking and partying are interrupted by…sharks! Dun dun dun… Yeah a lake has sharks in it. Not just one or 4 but a shit load of sharks.
I’m not going to pretend that is movie is great but it’s damn entertaining. The whole reasoning to why the sharks in the lake is pretty brilliant.

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Play Misty for Me

A sexy DJ gets mixed up with a crazy chick. He thinks it’s hot at first, isn’t it always but when she starts messing with his life and other babes…shit gets real.

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Ok all, have a great weekend! 

The future-based Japanese government develops a plan to eliminate unruling kids. They randomly pick a ninth-grade class and force them to kill each other off till there is only one left.
If you want to know how much I uber love this movie, all you have to do is read my review HERE

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