Comics Recommendations: Death to Dinksville

It’s been almost a month since I went to C2E2 and I finally made the time to catch up on all the comic goodies I got my hands on during my journey. 

One of the comics I was really excited to read was Death to Dinksville. A comic that contains sex, gore and zombies is always an instant win in my heart. 

The first chapter introduces a string of characters but focuses on Lamar, a good but troubled kid. His mom is kind of a whore which gets him picked on at school. In the meantime, a psychopath who gunned down a high school 10 years ago escaped from prison and has set out to kill the “sinners” of Dinksville. 

It’s bad enough that this guy plans on painting the town red with blood but at the same time a zombie-esque virus has also been released. 

The readers learn more and more of a big unfolding story through each chapter. After I finished reading chapter three I was eager to learn more about the villains and the outcome of the town. But I have to wait for the rest of the chapters to come out.   

The chapters are a quick read but they are all engaging and exciting. 

Death to Dinksville will be a 13 chapter series. If you want to learn more or get the first three chapters, check out the site HERE

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