30 Day Horror Movie Challenge: Day 4- A Horror Movie You Thought You’d Love and Didn’t

When I was 15 years-old, I went to my very first concert. A lot of people I’ve known went to some lame-ass concert as their first but mine was White Zombie, bitches. 

I always had mad phat respect for Rob Zombie; not only for his musical talents but for his deep rooted love for horror movies. He was like the ultimate fan boy whom had a cool sense of style about it. I admired that. 

So you can understand my excitement when word got out that Rob Zombie was directing his first horror movie. 

Aye, where do I begin? The basic plot is about teens traveling around in search of road side attractions and local urban legends. When entering a hickory part of Texas, the crew have a bloody and terrifying entanglement with a brutal serial killing family. End scene. 

I do understand what Rob was going for and the attempts he wanted to make and I do understand that restrictions got in his way of that for the most part. But I do also believe that Rob had the ability and integrity to make a decent film and it feel short here.

No one can know how hard I tried to like this movie. I really, really, really wanted to but I just can’t lie to myself. I found it choppy and almost hillbilly home video-esque. I even gave it another extra viewing just in case I was wrong the last 2 times I watched it and didn’t like it. Well, third time is a charm in confirming that yet again, I didn’t like it. 

Zombie did redeem himself for me when he followed this movie up with The Devil’s Reject. I had no desire in the world to see this but a cute, fellow horror fan talked me into it and I ended up loving it. But more on that another time.

As much as I wanted to follow Rob Zombie’s transition from horror lover to horror film creator, eh, I just couldn’t love House of 1000 Corpses.

Did I mention how really hard I tried?!

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