Friday Film Recommendations: Feb 24th


Happy Friday folks!

If you’re looking for some movies to add on to your lacking Netflix queue, you’ve come to the right place.

This week’s selection has movies dealing with the mindless youth, a satanic cult, and hot brothers solving supernatural mysteries. 

Zombie High

A chick attending a douchey boarding school begins to notice that her fellow classmates are turning mindless and a bit uppity.

Think of this as an 80’s version of Disturbing Behavior.

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Bless the Child

A nurse set in her comfortable life suddenly becomes the guardian of her crack addict sister’s baby girl Cody. Her love for Cody is tested when she turns 6 and becomes the target of a cult. 

Dun dun dunnn. 

I thought this movie was averagely decent but one scene involving Christina Ricci gave the movie extra awesome points. 

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When a bitchy rich lady loses her memory, a dirty carpenter takes advantage of her by claiming to be her husband. She falls for it and becomes his house cleaning, babysitting, sex slave. Ok I made the sex slave part up, but who knows, it might be in the deleted scenes.

To the people who want to see the new movie The Vow, watch this instead. It’s basically the same movie. Actually, I haven’t seen the The Vow but I’m pretty sure it’s a remake of Overboard.

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The Disappearance of Alice Creed

This twisted thriller is about two criminals plotting to kidnap a wealthy heiress. Their plan seemed flawless and perfect but things about each of them start to unfold and pose as a problem. 

I watched this randomly a few night ago and thought it was intensely awesome. I was hooked till the very end only just to find out what would become of poor Alice Creed. 

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Two brothers travel cross-country to battle evil and all things supernatural.

I never cared to watch Supernatural when it first came on but about two years ago TNT decided to play the show from the beginning and I decided to check it out and yeah, I love it.

It’s witty, tense, and Dean is hot so that helps enhance my view pleasure.  

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Have a great weekend everyone! 

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